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Self Portrait I would describe my photographic style as "environmental." For me, this term goes beyond the common meaning of images of nature and greenery---though I have a deep-rooted appreciation for this style---and extends to encompass capturing my subjects amidst a meaningful environment. I believe that a photograph takes on more meaning when the subject is placed in some kind of context beyond a studio background. As such, you are much more likely to find my images shot on a beach, in a kitchen, or in a laboratory than in a studio. After all, should the family who loves the outdoors be captured out under the sun, or lined up in a studio?

None of this is to say that I do not appreciate a stellar, simple portrait. Just as I have heard beautiful monologues and soliloquies, there are certainly subjects and applications that call for austerity. However, we have all seen films and plays that benefit greatly from supporting set design, prop use, and supporting actors.

My journey on the road of photography is relatively young. Along the way, I have particularly been captured by the works of Ansel Adams and David Hobby. I am a sucker for the "story behind the shot" that accompanies many of Adams's landscapes, and my technical skill at the craft has been immeasurably helped by Hobby's teaching. My personal development behind the camera has definitely been influenced by my friends Kaveh Kardan and Keith Walklet. I truly treasure their words and deeply appreciate their work.